Industrial Sector

EnviTec manufactures products and solutions for various critical process ventilation, air filtration, pneumatic transport and ventilation control requirements. Our products and technologies include a complete line of industrial centrifugal and high pressure fans, industrial dampers, blast containment dampers, particulate and carbon/media filter systems, electrical room pressurization systems and pneumatic transport systems.

We serve just about every industry including power, oil & gas, petrochemicals, petroleum refining, LNG, food & beverage and many other industries.

Applications and Products

Process Ventilation Air and Gas Filtration
Process Fans (Explosion Proof, High Temperature, High Pressure, Corrosive and Abrasive Gases) Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filters
Process Dampers and Slide Gate Valves Particulate Filter Housings
Blast Containment Dampers Carbon/Media Exhaust Filtration Systems
Electrical and Control Room Pressurization Systems