EnviTec manufactures a complete line of HEPA, ULPA and particulate filter housings ranging from simple in-duct holding frames to roof mounted housings. Units are available in various sizes and configurations.

EnviTec's ENVISURE™ series HEPA and ULPA housings are designed to provide zero air bypass. Materials of construction include aluminized steel and stainless steel. EnviTec's ENVICLEAN™ series particulate filter housings are available in a variety of types and configurations. They are manufactured from 16 gauge aluminized steel and are completely factory assembled. Options include lift-off doors, extruded tracks, stainless steel construction and many others.


EnviTec's ENVISURE™ and ENVICLEAN™ filter housings are used to filter and clean fresh, return and exhaust air in a variety of applications as follows:

Clean Room/Laboratory/Healthcare

ENVISURE™ systems are used to remove biological agents and other particulates from supply and/or exhaust air ensuring protection to the public, patients, staff and sensitive equipment.

  • Hospitals
  • Clean Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics


ENVISURE™ and ENVICLEAN™ systems are used in various industrial facilities where clean air is required to prevent contamination resulting in high product quality.

  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Food Processing
  • Electronics
  • Semi-Conductor


  • Front or Side Access Fully Encloses and Supports the Filters (Side Access Doors on Both Sides)
  • Various 2" or 4" Pre-Filters Available
  • 6" or 12" HEPA or ULPA Filters Available
  • In-Duct, V-Bank or Horizontal Configuration
  • Completely Factory Assembled and Tested
  • 16 Gauge Aluminized Steel Construction, 304 or 316 stainless steel optional
  • Modular Construction
  • ENVISURE™ Series Includes Locking Mechanism with 600 Ft. Lbs. of Pressure Per Filter Cell
  • Options Include:
    • Insulation
    • Double Wall Construction
    • Insulation
    • Weatherproofing
    • High Pressure
    • Flange Adapters
    • Support Legs
    • Hanger Brackets
    • Static Taps
    • DOP Test Ports (ENVISURE™ Series)