Clean Room /Laboratory/Healthcare Sector

EnviTec manufactures air and water purification and filtration products, ventilation control systems and specialty exhaust fan packages and related controls for rigorous clean room, laboratory and healthcare environments. These applications require the highest functionality and reliability as health and safety cannot be compromised. That is why EnviTec is the supplier of choice. We offer comprehensive system solutions that include various products and technologies related to air and water. Our customers comprise research facilities (including government, institutional, military, pharmaceutical, and chemical and food as well as others), facilities with clean rooms, medical care establishments and hospitals.

All of our products are tested and certified to the most stringent standards, including ETL, UL, AMCA, ANSI, ASME N510 and AG1, as well as many others. Our welding procedures adhere to ASME Section IX resulting in maximum reliability and long life and our gaskets and seals are compatible with all fumigation agents.


Applications and Products

Laboratory Exhaust Ventilation Control Air Filtration Water Purification
High Plume Dilution Fans and Control Systems Zero Leak HEPA and ULPA Filter Housings Facility High Purity Water Systems
Carbon/Media Exhaust Filtration Systems Low Leak Isolation Dampers Bag-In/Bag-Out HEPA Containment Filter Housings Lab Animal Drinking Water Systems
Iris Dampers Particulate Filter Systems
Specialty Control and Shut Off Dampers Odor Removal Systems
* Carbon/media
* Odor neutralizer
* Ozone
Kitchen Hood Exhaust Filtration
Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Electrostatic Filter Systems