EnviTec's ENVIPURE™ Electrostatic Filter Units (ESP) are ideal for grease, oil and smoke removal from air streams. These units use a proven dual-stage electronic air cleaning technique, electrostatic precipitation, to remove smoke, grease, mist, and other particulates from the air.

Our dual-stage electrostatic precipitators include two parts: the charging and the collecting sections. In the charging section, the incoming smoke, grease, mist, and other particulates pass by ionizer wires which impart a positive electrical charge to these contaminants. The positively charged contaminants are then drawn through the collection section which contains a secondary electrical field with negatively charged aluminum plates. Since opposite charges attract, the positively charged contaminants collect on the negatively charged aluminum plates, removing them from the airstream.


EnviTec's electrostatic filter systems are used to remove grease, oil, smoke as well as other particulates from air exhaust or return in a variety of applications.

Clean Room/Laboratory/Healthcare

ESP's are used to remove oil and grease from kitchen hood exhaust streams.

  • Kitchens


In the commercial sector ESP's are used to remove oil and grease from kitchen hood exhaust streams as well as smoke from different areas.

  • Restaurants
  • Smoking Rooms
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Convention Centers

Principle of Operation


  • Stackable Customized Modules Provide Design and Installation Flexibility for any Size Installation
  • Manual Clean Economical, Non-Wash Unit Requires no Plumbing
  • Auto Clean Units with Self-Wash Cycle to Eliminate Filter Replacement and Electrostatic Precipitator Cell Cleaning
  • Energy Efficient Units Minimize Electrical Costs
  • Side Access Door for Easy Maintenance
  • Superior Quality and Construction Virtually Eliminates Maintenance Costs
  • Up to 99% Efficient to Ensure Clean Air
  • Galvanized or Powder Coated Finish
  • Optional Carbon/Media Odor Removal Modules