EnviTec Corporation is a privately held USA based company with its headquarters in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and regional offices in New Jersey, USA. EnviTec Middle East is a sister company of EnviTec Corporation with its corporate office based in Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai, UAE. EnviTec Middle East is responsible for all EnviTec business development activities in the Middle East Region.

EnviTec is a leading manufacturer of Environmental, Clean Room/Laboratory/Healthcare, Commercial and Industrial technologies, products and solutions with focus on gas, air and water filtration/cleaning/purification, critical space ventilation control and specialty ventilation and exhaust systems. Our manufacturing facilities span the globe and are located in the USA, Canada, UAE, China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Our business is divided among four primary sectors.

EnviTec's Environmental Sector is focused on meeting industrial air/gas treatment and water purification requirements through product and system integration ranging from simple gas exhaust to dust collection/recovery to drinking and beverage water treatment to high purity water filtration to complex gas and water handling applications.

EnviTec's Clean Room/Laboratory/Healthcare Sector provides air and water purification, ventilation control and exhaust solutions for rigorous critical space environments. These applications require the highest functionality and reliability as health and safety cannot be compromised. That is why EnviTec is the supplier of choice. We offer comprehensive system solutions that include laboratory exhaust systems, critical space air supply and exhaust control, Bag-in/Bag-out and standard HEPA filter housings, zero leak and low leak ventilation isolation dampers, air filtration and water purification systems. Our customers comprise health care facilities, universities, pharmaceutical plants, clean room facilities, and research facilities, including institutional, military, chemical and food.

EnviTec's Commercial sector supplies products and technologies for various air filtration and cleaning requirements, ventilation control and fire and smoke containment. We offer static particle filtration systems, inertial air cleaners, electrostatic air cleaners, UV air cleaners, bi-polar ionization air cleaners, kitchen hood exhaust filtration systems, electrostatic air cleaners, odor removal systems, including carbon/media, odor neutralizer and ozone, and a complete line of fire and smoke dampers and ozone generator systems.

EnviTec's commercial customers include hotels, office buildings, residential buildings, convention centers, airports, theaters, museums, shopping malls, schools, restaurants as well as many others.

EnviTec's Industrial Sector provides solutions for various critical process ventilation, air filtration, pneumatic transport and ventilation control requirements. Our products and technologies include a complete line of centrifugal and high pressure fans, industrial dampers, particulate and chemical media filter systems and filters, electrical room pressurization systems and pneumatic transport systems.

What makes EnviTec unique is the approach that we use. In addition to the core products that we manufacture we have entered into strategic partnerships with several other high quality companies in order to offer complete solutions to the key market sectors that we participate in, especially in the clean room/laboratory/healthcare and commercial sectors. This has enabled Envitec to offer one of the most comprehensive product lines found anywhere in the world related to gas, air and water filtration & purification, critical space ventilation control and specialty ventilation & exhaust systems.


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