Commercial Sector

EnviTec's Commercial sector products and technologies are designed for various air and water filtration and cleaning requirements as well as specialty ventilation and exhaust applications. We are specialists in indoor air quality (IAQ) and in kitchen exhaust filtration applications. We manufacture static particle filtration systems, ecology units, electrostatic air cleaners, UV air cleaners, bi-polar ionization air cleaners, odor removal systems (including carbon/media, odor neutralizer and ozone), and various other products.

EnviTec's commercial customers include hotels, palaces, mosques, office buildings, residential buildings, convention centers, airports, theaters, museums, shopping centers, schools, restaurants and many others. EnviTec's commercial sector Middle East installations are extensive and include palaces in Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, beach resorts in Qatar and the UAE, hotels in Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, airports in The UAE and Saudi Arabia, Al-Masjid Al-Haram in Saudi Arabia, shopping centers in Lebanon, as well as many others.

Applications and Products

Specialty Ventilation and Exhaust Air Filtration and Cleaning Water Filtration and Purification
Specialty Supply and Exhaust Systems Carbon/Media Exhaust Filtration Systems Media and Self-Cleaning Particulate Filters
Diesel Generator High Plume Exhaust UV Air Cleaners Micro Filters
Bi-Polar Ionization Air Cleaners UV Disinfection Units
Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Electrostatic Filter Systems Nano, Micro and Ultra Membrane Filtration Systems
Odor Removal Systems
* Carbon/media
* Odor neutralizer
* Ozone
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Kitchen Hood Exhaust Filtration Water Softeners
Specialty Water Purification Systems