Environmental Sector

EnviTec's Environmental Sector is focused on meeting industrial air and gas purification and treatment as well as odor removal and special water purification requirements through product and system integration from simple exhaust treatment to dust collection and recovery to complex gas and water purification and filtering to odor removal to stringent air handling applications. Special water purification applications include arsenic, boron, uranium, radon, radium and dissolved gases removal, as well as other hard to remove contaminants.

Envitec manufactures environmental products and systems to eliminate air and water pollution and odor, while at the same time reducing costs. We offer complete custom engineered turnkey system solutions that incorporate various types of air and gas scrubbers, filters and treatment systems, particulate collectors, water purifications systems, centrifugal and axial fans, and custom ducting, hoods, tanks, and fabricated specialty thermoplastics and metals as well as other environmental technologies.

We serve just about every industry including pulp & paper, cement, steel, mining, wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, petrochemicals, printed circuit boards and semiconductor manufacturers, battery producers, and many other industries concerned with cost reduction and our environment.

Applications and Products

Air and Air Gas Purification
Dust and Particulate Removal
Air and Gas Purification
Gas Contaminant and Odor Removal
Water Purification
Bag House Dust Collectors Wet Scrubbers Media and Self-Cleaning Particulate Filters
Compact Dust Collectors Gas Absorbers Carbon Systems
Cartridge Type Dust Collectors Carbon Systems Absorption Systems
Cyclones and Multi-Cyclone Units Odor Control Systems Reverse Osmosis Systems
Integrated Dust and Gas Containment Removal Systems Carbon/Media Exhaust Filtration Systems Nano, Micro and Ultra Membrane Filtration Systems
Integrated Dust and Gas Containment Removal Systems Disinfection Systems
(Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, UV and Ozone)
Ion Exchange Systems
Integrated Systems